Project Description

SIL4 On Board Unit

The RailControl System is a flexible and adaptable control unit for the railroad area. It was designed according to the IEC61508 and EN50126/8/9 standards and can be used for safety-critical applications up to safety level SIL 4. In order to implement SIL 4 applications, the RailControl System can be used in homogeneous redundancy. Non-safety related functions can be developed specifically for any application.


A system that was created via RailControl mainly consists of digital as well as analogue inputs and outputs (EA modules). These EA modules may be divided into different segments. Each segment has at least one backplane module and one power supply module. The individual segments can be arranged in any order. The connection between the segments is realised via Ethernet. In this way, your system architecture can be arranged central or distributed. The smallest possible system (segment) consists of a power supply module, a board plug-in module and a configurable I / O module.


The system is available for 3U rack and DIN rail mounting (both formats can be used in one system).

Available modules:

  • RCBP – Backplane

  • RCBU – backup unit
  • RCSC – Secure Computing Unit
  • RCUB – Universal Binary EA (configurable: input / output switching to ground / output switching to supply)
  • RCUA – Universal analogue EA (configurable: input / output)
  • RCBA – Mixed EA Modules (Binary Input / Output and Analog Input / Output)
  • RCGW – Gateway

A RailControl system can be arranged from the modules mentioned above which are then grouped into several segments. These segments are connected by a secure Ethernet communication.

Technical details

Technical System Data
Safety standards Assessed according to IEC 61508 / EN 50126/8/9, SIL 3 / 4
Operational temperature EN 50155 TX (-40°C to +70°C, +85°C for 10 minutes)
Hot-Pluggable Yes, with inverse-polarity protection for all connectors
Ingress Protection IP40
EMC According to EN 50121-3-2
Vibration and Shock According to IEC 61373 category 1 class B
Nominal Supply Voltage 24.0VDC – 110.0VDC
Firmware Updates Firmware can be safely updated in field, without removing the module.
Service and Diagnostics Diagnostics using the safe controller module diagnostic interface. LEDs for module and channel state and diagnostic
Configuration/DIP-switches None
Segment Dimensions
19 inch 3U rack dimension 482.40 mm x 132.00 mm x 222.50 mm
DIN Rail dimension min. 133.28 mm x 142.00 mm x 190.30 mm
Module Dimensions
General modules (W x H x D) 25.10 mm x 128.70 mm x 125.30 mm (5UHP, 3U)
Power supply module (W x H x D) 50.50 mm x 128.70 mm x 125.30 mm (5UHP, 3U)
Backup module (W x H x D) 50.50 mm x 128.70 mm x 125.30 mm (5UHP, 3U)
Power supply Module
Input Voltage (24VDC to 110VDC ) ±40% according to EN50155 class S2 and C1
Maximum Powere 35W
Interfaces Power-Connector M12 S-coded Ethernet M12 D-coded (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) CAN (2 times) as branch connection on male and female Dsub USB M12 A-coded connector
Safe Controller Module
Power Consumption 3W
I0s 1 group of 4 IOs
Real Time Clock With capacitor backup for 100 days RTC Precision: 30ppm@25°C, 170ppm@(-40 to +85°C), aging 5ppm per year
Processor Architecture ARM based 32-Bit, ARM V7 architecture
Processor Frequency 330MHz
Memory 4MByte Flash, 512kByte RAM, 16kByte FRAM
Operating Temperature -40 … +70°C Class TX
Storage temperature -40 … +85°C

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